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On May 1, 2013, TSA absorbed its westbound companion agreement, WTSA, to form a single carrier agreement covering both directions in the transpacific trade. Since 2010, WTSA has had a westbound Shipper-Carrier Advisory Board that includes 16 shipper members representing a cross-section of the U.S.-Asia container freight market, along with participating member lines. TSA, with its own eastbound Shipper Advisory Board, intends to maintain this valuable shipper-carrier discussion forum in both directions, with the precise format still to be determined.

The Advisory Board’s purpose is to maintain an ongoing dialogue to strengthen shipper-carrier relationships, address industrywide problems outside the scope of the individual contracting process, and identify tradewide best practices in the interest of stable, predictable service levels and pricing in support of U.S. exports.

Initial membership on the Advisory Board has been necessarily limited to a small group of actively engaged shippers representative of the trade as a whole. TSA recognizes, however, the necessity that dialogue be extended to include the broader shipping community, with adequate opportunity for feedback and improvement.

The initial document posted below is a Service Contracting Process Checklist developed by the predecessor westbound agreement with input from the Shipper Advisory Board. It is intended to assist shippers in all segments of the trade in making contracting more efficient and effective. In future TSA will post on this page various reports, research and analysis relating to shipper issues and reflecting Advisory Board input.

TSA welcomes public input from shippers or other interested parties on this checklist and any other documents through our web site contact address, info@tsacarriers.org.

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Service Contracting Process Checklist
April 2011 / 64KB PDF


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